High-Quality Aluminum Shutters in Victoria and Surrounding Areas

Protection from the elements and security are two of the biggest things you look for in a shutter screen. You want high-quality products that are also durable enough to last for years to come. If you are a homeowner, you are looking for something that allows you to enjoy the outdoors without having to deal with the wind or insects. For business owners, you want a shutter that can provide shade and security when necessary but can be easily retractable to let in the sunlight.

Aspire Pergolas sells Ultra-Lite shutters, ensuring both homeowners and business owners in Victoria can find the solution that works best for them. The shutters are fabricated in Canada using only the best quality materials. See the Ultra-Lite shutters brochure.

We sell the following Ultra-Lite products:


Roll Shutters

Provide high-quality protection from the sun, sound dampening, and energy efficiency. The roll shutters from Ultra-Lite are made of aluminum slats with either an insulated urethane foam core or a dye-cast resin core, depending on which model you get. All roll shutters are available in white, beige, clear anodized silver, black, or black-brown.

UltraProtect 41

Maximum Width: 3.50m (11 Ft)

Maximum Height: 3.05m (10 Ft)

Maximum Area: 7.0m² (75 Ft²)

Slat Weight: 3.7 kg/m² (0.75 Lbs/Ft²)

Security Rating: 1 – Visual Deterrent


Without End Retention

Maximum Width: 3.60m (12 Ft)

Maximum Height: 3.15m (10.5 Ft)

Maximum Area: 8.0m² (86 Ft²)

Slat Weight: 8.0 kg/m² (1.65 Lbs/Ft²)

Security Rating: 2 – Low Physical

With End Retention


Maximum Width: 4.20m (14 Ft)

Maximum Height: 3.15m (10.5 Ft)

Maximum Area: 8.0m² (86 Ft²)

Slat Weight: 8.0 kg/m² (1.65 Lbs/Ft²)

Security Rating: 3 – Moderate Physical


Retractable Zip Screens


Enjoy the benefits of shade and protection while still enjoying the fresh air. A retractable zip screen means you can spend time in your outdoor area without being bothered by mosquitoes, wind, or UV rays. Choose from a variety of colours, such as white, beige, clear anodized silver, black, or black-brown. You can also select from a wide range of textile options. 


UltraShade Zip

Maximum Width: 6.10m (20 Ft) 
Maximum Height: 5.20m (17 Ft) 
Maximum Area: 18.0m² (192 Ft²)
Smaller than: 3x3m (10×10 Ft)
95mm (3.75 in) Box Size
Larger than: 3x3m (10×10 Ft)
125mm (5 in) Box Size


Roller Doors

A more robust version of the roller shutter, these roller doors can handle more stress than the smaller products, making them a more secure choice.




Maximum Width: 4.80m (16 Ft)

Maximum Height: 4.50m (15 Ft)

Maximum Area: 16.5m² (178 Ft²)

Slat Weight: 10.5 kg/m² (2.15 Lbs/Ft²)

Security Rating: 2 – Moderate Physical


If you have any questions or would like to know if Ultra-Lite shutters are right for you, please give us a call today and we would be happy to help.

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