Custom-Designed Advantage Aluminum Patio Covers in Victoria and Surrounding Areas

Build a vibrant and enjoyable space where you can entertain guests or just simply relax after a long day. Advantage Aluminum patio covers, offered by Aspire Pergolas in Victoria and surrounding areas, are a great way to add elegance and safety to your outdoor space and add value to your home.


Advantage Aluminum offers some of the finest products in the industry. They are 100% aluminum and built to stand up to the varied Canadian weather. Whether you looking to build a covered area for kids to be protected from the elements while playing outside or you want a sheltered space where you can relax, we are certain you will find the solutions with Aspire Pergolas.


Patio covers come in a range of styles to ensure you can get exactly what you are looking for. Key elements include an aluminum frame and a built-in front gutter that drains water away from the property. A patio cover can be customized to any size or space and can be installed either free-standing, roof-mounted, or attached to the house itself.

Glass Patio Covers

Glass covers are designed to protect you against rain, sun, and snow loads up to 40 lbs. The glass comes in one of two colours; clear or bronze. They are designed to let in plenty of light while keeping you protected from the elements. 6mm tempered glass means it can last for years and fits in well with modern home designs. 

Solid Aluminum V Panels


The V panel option is ideal for people who want more shade on their deck or patio instead of sunlight. They offer excellent shade and protection from rain and snow while maintaining an elegant and tasteful appearance. 


Skylight Options

This option allows using both glass and aluminum panels to create the effect of a skylight system. For customers who want some natural light but also want additional coverage to block out sun and heat, this is the ideal option.


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