Multiple Awnings in Victoria and Surrounding Areas

Awnings add a degree of class to your home in addition to protecting it from rain, sun, and snow. Aspire Pergolas in Victoria and surrounding areas has been fortunate to be able to partner up with Multiple Awnings to bring you 3 different types of awnings that are built to meet your needs. Multiple Awnings has 35 years of experience in designing, building, and installing awnings, shades, and solariums, and become Canada’s largest manufacturer of awnings.

We carry the following Multiple Awnings products:

Brasilia Athena

The fabric on this awning is exposed even when retracted, making it ideal for places that keep it clean and dry.

Brasilia Europa

A semi-cassette-type awning that has an aluminum box integrated into the design to protect the fabric roll from wear and tear.

Brasilia Slim

A slim cassette-type model that is comprised of a case that completely protects the mechanism and fabric when it is retracted.


Made from solar or mosquito screens, Mosquiteria retractable blinds are equipped with a zipper closure system that can be combined with most of our products to prevent insects and rain from entering. Open or close them whenever you want: these blinds allow you to stretch the seasons to enjoy the outdoors that much longer, while providing complete ventilation, more privacy and better protection from sun exposure. Available in two options: motorized with remote control or manual with crank.


The MultiShade sunshade is easily installed on most structures to provide sun protection without obstructing visibility. Allowing a slight breeze to pass through, it features a sturdy aluminum housing and PVC coated steel cables to keep it in place.

Choosing the Right Awning

Selecting the right awning may sound easy, but there are many factors you will want to consider first. There are many factors that you will want to consider when picking an awning from functional features such as materials, angle, and cost to more aesthetic aspects like colour options. Multiple Awnings are offered in vinyl and acrylic fabrics, both of which are popular choices due to their durability and weather resistance. Our awnings are made from reinforced extruded aluminum and covered with baked enamel paint (white, beige, or black) and do not flake or rust. 

Under your awning, you will stay much cooler. The temperature difference can be as much as 12°C. It can also keep your home cooler by preventing the sunlight from entering through the windows or patio door. This can save you money on cooling costs and protect your furniture from discolouration. Your awning can either have manual or motorized operation, depending on your preference, and includes a wind sensor. Smart phone control is a fun optional feature too.

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